10 Reasons to Love a Pink Bathroom

By: Houzz.com

Pink bathrooms are having a bit of a moment: Some of the most stylish restaurant powder rooms are taking to candy-colored tiles (which look great with brass faucets), but pink bathrooms are also a bit of a throwback, most notably to the midcentury era.

Rose-tinted bathrooms in the U.S. have been credited to former First Lady Mamie Eisenhower, whose love of all things pink — from her outfits to her daily flower deliveries to the allover blush bathroom at the Eisenhowers’ Pennsylvania residence — spawned a 1950s craze for the hue. Houzz readers often decry the removal of vintage pink bathroom fixtures, and there’s even a fan websitededicated to the preservation of the look. In similar celebration, here are some of the best pink bathrooms on Houzz. Will you be inspired?

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