Design 101 with Jackson Stoneworks: Backsplash



If you are looking for a unique design for your kitchen remodeling, you might want to consider the travertine glass backsplash tile and especially if you are tired of the old and boring styles. The use of these backsplash stones always work well in giving a relaxed feel to your room working magic even to the most contemporary splash1kitchen. The stones are made from natural materials and this makes them perfect for use especially where colorfulness is a concern to the home owner. The materials used in making the stones are antiqued and it is very hard to get two stones that are identical to each other. This normally helps in giving your designs some great variations as well as the natural beauty.
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Subway tile is cold and institutional looinkg. A kitchen needs some personality. I agree, it shouldn’t be too busy or clash; but saying that subway tile is for everyone makes clones of everyone’s kitchens. There is never only one right way. I understand your point; but you’re doing a major disservice to your readers and clients. How boring. One size NEVER fits all.

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