Love Cookbooks? You’ll Like These Mini Kitchen Libraries

I made my daughter and her friend pancakes from scratch recently, using a dilapidated copy of The Joy of Cooking. My grandmother bought it in the 1950s, and though pages often fall on the floor, I cook from that book as often as I can. Despite the endless recipe options the internet provides, one of my most prized possessions is that tattered cookbook. I mean, how else would I know how to dress roadkill or cook a squirrel during a zombie apocalypse? (Seriously, it’s in there.)

Though the tablet has replaced hardcover cookbooks in countless kitchens worldwide, there are still legions of cooks who prefer the dog-eared, ingredient-splattered pages of their go-to favorites. Here are clever ways to keep your beloved cookbooks and family recipes close and well organized.




The End of an Island

An end-of-island bookshelf is a common capture2kitchen feature that, for normal-size books, adds less than a foot of depth to the overall design. For most people, two or three shelves provide enough space for their frequently consulted favorites.














Open shelving offers ease of access, while glass cabinet doors and in-cabinet lighting add a touch of traditional formality.





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