WUFT encourages membership pledges

WUFTJackson Stoneworks is partnering with WUFT to announce our pledge to donate 1000 Free Granite Lazy Susans per year for ten years to help raise $1,000,000 for local charities, churches, schools and community fund raising projects …like WUFT.

WUFT-FM is the exclusive NPR (National Public Radio) station for North Central Florida and WUFT-TV, Florida’s 5, is the PBS station.

WUFT encourages membership pledges, which are earmarked exclusively to pay for programming from NPR as well as the other public radio networks. WUFT also hosts membership campaigns live on the air yearly in April and October hosted by WUFT staff members along with community and business leaders asking for listener support. WUFT welcomes any amount that a listener can afford and have offered “sustaining” memberships for the past few years where members’ credit cards are automatically billed each month, making affording WUFT membership a lot easier.

Jackson Stoneworks believes that WUFT is an important part of the Gainesville community and should be supported. Therefore, Jackson Stoneworks has made a pledge to give anyone who donates $100 or more to WUFT a free granite Lazy Susan! Donors are requested to register their donation at www.jacksonstoneworks.com website and bring their receipt to Jackson Stoneworks Kitchen and Bath Design Center to have a free granite lazy susan made in the color of their choice.

Anyone who donates $100 or more is eligible to receive a free granite lazy susan when they visit our factory.

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