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School officially started this week at most area schools, and that means fundraisers for special clubs and events are being planned.
So for all you parents, grandparents, and teachers out there, spread the word that if you donate $100 or more to your schools’ fundraiser, you can receive a free granite lazy susan as a special gift when you bring your receipt to Jackson Stoneworks.
We are proud to announce two of the latest organizations who have joined the Lazy Susan project at Jackson Stoneworks helping raise $1,000,000 for local fundraisers: the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank and Haven Hospice! If you have a favorite charity who you think could benefit, please click here to learn more.
In this issue of Lunch and Learn we take you on a behind the scenes tour of the 54th Annual Employee Celebration at WW Gay Inc. We learn’s tips on “How to Configure the Sink” in your kitchen, we share a video of the latest innovation in sink design – the new “TopZero” Seamless Stainless Steel Sink, we highlight Charity Donor Helen Kornblum’s contribution to the Bread of the Mighty Food Bank, we introduce you to “Caramelato” granite; we share the Heart Association’s report on “Physical Activity in Older Americans”; and we showcase Chef Ami as our featured restaurant.






WW Gay’s 54th Annual Employee Celebration

Designing Your Kitchen: How to Configure the Sink?


Chef Ami

Health Tip


Click image to read insights share by Jackson Stonework’s owner on the $100,000 Fund Raiser Campaign