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5 Easy Steps Kitchen Remodel

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    Step 1 Planning

    Make preliminary selections

    Identify the colors and design elements that you want to incorporate in your kitchen or bath. Color coordination is an important aspect of the design process, so it is a good idea to have samples of your selections. Jackson Stoneworks has all of the main products for your project available to product and color selections easier and more convenient.


    Schedule a professional home consultation

    When you visit our factory, schedule an appointment for our kitchen and bath design professional to visit your home, discuss your ideas, and measure your space to prepare architectural construction drawings.


    Research financing and finalize your budget

    Now is the time to research finance alternatives. Once you have decided what you want, your construction drawings may be completed to estimate the total construction cost for your budget.

    Step 2 Design

    Scope of Work

    Once you know your budget, the Scope of Work is itemized to estimate job costs. When you begin planning your project, you may be thinking only of granite counter tops…the crowning jewel for every fine home. But, you may want to include new flooring, new cabinetry, new plumbing and new lighting in your finance plans and require detailed construction drawings for building permits.


    Construction drawings

    Detailed constructions drawings are required for Building permits for major projects that require structural changes to the property. This is a very important phase of your project when the designer specifies what you want, where and how you want it to the construction personnel doing the work. When the working drawings are complete you are able to get accurate pricing on what you want.


    Finalize drawings and design agreement.

    The architectural construction drawings are custom designed for your project and were created especially for you. They represent hours of work by trained professionals and are yours to keep when you approve Jackson Stoneworks Professional Design Agreement.

    Step 3 Customer Approval

    Approve planned construction schedule

    Please provide your planned start date to prepare our construction schedule for your approval. To install new granite counter tops only requires 7-10 days, but we plan on 75 – 90 days from planning through completion for larger kitchen or bath renovation projects. Custom cabinets require 4-6 weeks from the date of purchase order and most jobs are completed in 4-6 weeks or more thereafter.


    Approve Final product and color selections

    Please review and sign the final product and color selection sheets.


    Approve payment arrangements

    Jackson Stoneworks standard terms of sale are prepaid with Personal Check, MasterCard, Visa, or American Express Credit Card.  Your credit card will be debited for 50% to order materials for your project.  The remaining 50% balance will be debited based upon the payment schedule approved for you project. Most kitchen renovations debit 20% upon installation of the cabinetry, 20% upon installation of the counter tops or tile, and the final 10% is debited on completion and final inspection.


    Approve proposed agreement

    The final agreement will detail the entire scope of the project, item by item, including all products and services. Review the agreement carefully and ask about anything that you do not understand or want to have added to the agreement before signing, approve and sign.

    Step 4 Installation

    Purchase cabinets, tile and plumbing – 30 days or more

    Once the agreement is signed and payment is received, orders will be placed for cabinets, tile, plumbing and other special ordered materials. Construction is not scheduled to begin until everything is received.


    Prepare work space – 3-7 days

    Preparation of the workspace will be planned for completion before the cabinets are scheduled to arrive. Depending upon what is approved, this time is required to remove the existing cabinets and make any structural changes before the cabinets are installed. This is the time for new paint or plaster on all wall surfaces before the cabinets are installed. It is recommended to have the plumbing waste and hot and cold water pipes inspected for leaks or replaced if this has not been done within the last 20 years.


    Install new tile – 3-7 days

    New tile requires the existing floors to be fully prepared, tiles set and grouted the next day.  Plan  a minimum 3 days for installation of up to 200 square feet plus one additional day per 100 square feet floor area. Mosaic or other tile backsplashes require a minimum of 1-2 days for installation after the counter tops and plumbing have been installed. Every project is different and will be planned based upon the Scope of Work you approve.


    Install new lighting – 1-2 days

    If you are planning electric circuit or lighting upgrades or to hard wire new electric stove installations, a licensed electrician is required. This charge will be itemized on your sales agreement.


    Install new cabinetry – 5-7 days

    Custom cabinets require the longest lead time averaging 3-6 weeks from the date of purchase order. Cabinet installation averages 3-7 days or more based upon the size and scope of your project.


    Install new counter tops – 7-10 days

    After the cabinets are installed, a laser is used to make a pattern or template to manufacture the counter tops. You are requested to visit our factory the day the template is made to position the template and approve of your stone before it is cut. Installations are planned 7 days after approval and installation is normally completed in 1 or 2 days.


    Install new plumbing – 1-7 days

    The time required for installation of new plumbing is based upon the Scope of Work and what you approve.  An itemized quotation will be included in your installed sales agreement. This is the time to get everything completed while workers are working in your home.

    Step 5 Completion

    Final inspection

    Upon completion of your project, the project manager will conduct an official walk through with you to ensure that the job has been completed according to our agreement.  Have any notes you have made handy, as this is the time to address any questions or concerns.


    Job Completion

    Please sign the “Job Completion” form and note any additional requests.


    Limited Lifetime Warranty

    Jackson Stoneworks provides members of our Granite Buyers Club a limited Lifetime Warranty on our installations of our granite. This warranty does not include product abuse or stain removal. If you ever have a warranty issue of any kind with our installation, please contact Jackson Stoneworks in writing via   Email:


    Customer Satisfaction

    Jackson Stoneworks strives to provide 100% customer satisfaction whenever possible. Please take a few minutes and send an email to tell us how we did. The success of our business is based upon satisfied customers recommending Jackson Stoneworks to their friends and family.

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