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How to Protect Your Quartz Countertops During the Holiday Season

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Quartz for the Holidays

How to Protect Your Quartz Countertops During the Holiday Season

by JSW Blogger |December 14, 2023 | Countertops, Kitchen Trends

The holidays are a joyous time of year, with friends and family gathering at your home to celebrate the festive season. However, with all the fun of hosting festivities comes the inevitable care, maintenance, and cleanup that follows. If you have a quartz countertop, you’ll benefit from its durability and generally low maintenance requirements. It’s non-porous, stain-resistant, and high-performance, making it a great option for kitchens where social hosting is common. However, although it is relatively difficult to damage, you do need to take certain precautions to ensure that it maintains its stunning appearance. As a leading Gainesville stone supplier, we here at Jackson Stoneworks know all of the best tips and tricks for protecting your quartz countertops during the holiday season.

Add a Second Layer of Protection

Whether it’s using a coaster or a potholder, adding a layer of protection between cookware or glassware and your quartz countertop will help better protect it. Quartz countertops cannot absorb heat in the same way that natural stone countertops can, and therefore it’s crucial to use a hot pad under any hot pans or dishes to avoid burning the surface of your counter. When it comes to drinking any beverages, using a coaster is a wise protective measure that can prevent stains. Although quartz doesn’t suffer from ring marks in the same way wood surfaces do, citrus-based drinks can damage quartz counters.

Wipe Up Spills Right Away

Even though engineered stone like quartz can resist stains much more than more porous materials like marble, you should still not allow any messes to sit there for too long. Allowing stains to set can permanently damage your countertops, regardless of what substance was spilled. As soon as the spill happens, clean the spill with a mix of mild soap and warm water. Work extra quickly if the stain is coffee, wine, or tea, as these tend to permanently stain more quickly than other liquids.

Always Use a Cutting Board

Quartz is designed to be scratch-resistant, but it’s not entirely indestructible. When cutting something with a sharp knife, never cut directly onto your quartz countertop. Be sure to use a cutting board or another protective layer to avoid scratching and permanently damaging your quartz countertop. Using a cutting board also helps preserve your knives and keeps them from dulling quickly. 

Deep Clean After the Festivities

After all of the festivities are over and the hosting has been done, take the time to thoroughly clean your countertops. This will help ensure that no residue or liquids stay on your countertop and cause permanent damage. When cleaning your quartz, avoid abrasive cleaners and scouring pads. Instead, use a mild detergent and a soft rag. Abrasive cleaners and harsh chemicals can disintegrate the bonds between the quartz and the resin and eventually damage the quartz surface. Mild soap and water are all it takes to clean your low-maintenance quartz kitchen counters.

When you’re in the midst of holiday fun, the last thing you want to worry about is the status of your stone countertop. That’s why Gainesville residents love Jackson Stoneworks quartz products; their durability makes them an excellent option for areas that receive heavy foot traffic, and they remain beautiful and elegant with little maintenance. If you want to ensure that your quartz countertops remain in the best condition possible, take the proper maintenance steps to preserve their beauty.

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