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Pompeii Quartz in Gainesville, Florida

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Pompeii Quartz in Gainesville, Florida

by JSW Blogger |December 22, 2022 | Uncategorized

Jackson Stoneworks specializes in and supplies Pompeii quartz countertops for the local area. This popular countertop can last for the life of your house or business due to its resistance to harmful elements.

If you have any concerns about this kind of countertop you can give us a call at (352) 372-6600 or come to our showroom, located at 1111 SE 22nd Ave, Gainesville, FL 32641. We have a broad selection of samples on display and we’re ready to help you make an informed and confident choice on your countertop.

Pompeii Quartz Countertops are highly durable

Pompeii quartz can be described as a stone that is made up of an amalgamation of natural and pure quartz that is bonded to other materials. With the use of the latest technology of Berton, Italy, the Pompeii quartz producers take the material on the surface and mix it with resin as well as other organic substances. This cutting-edge technology makes the quartz nearly indestructible, without sacrificing the style or elegance of natural quartz.

Pompeii Quartz is heat resistant

Pompeii Quartz is designed and produced to withstand moderate heat. However, the product isn’t thermally resistant. The resistance to shock and thermal increases with the increment of the thickness used by the Quartz. A slab that is thicker than 3 cm is stronger than a slab of 2 centimeters. As with all composite materials, Quartz may be damaged due to long-lasting or sudden exposure to extreme temperatures especially around cuts and edges of the material, resulting in cracks. To avoid heat shock, coloration, and other harms, it’s important that you use pads with insulation while placing hot objects close to open flames, or in contact with pots that are extremely hot. We recommend always using trivets or hot pads particularly when cooking equipment like electric cooking pans, crockpots, frying pans, and toaster ovens.

Care and maintenance for Pompeii Quartz

Quartz is extremely resistant to the stains that are caused by juices of fruit as well as liquid food coloring wine, coffee, tea, and soft drinks. It is also resistant to grapes and nail polishes. It also resists paints and removal fluid, automobile fluids along with a permanent marker. If one of these is spilled onto the floor, clean the area stained with any multi-purpose cleaner that is commonly used and wash it off with normal water.

For more severe spills and staining, repeat the process multiple times, and then apply an ordinary scouring pad to clean the stain. It is possible that some difficult stains will leave a slight scratch or a very faint discoloration of the stones. High gloss and low absorption of moisture in Quartz completely eliminate the need to seal the stones.

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