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Trends for Countertops

kitchen countertops

Trends for Countertops

by JSW Blogger |August 3, 2023 | Countertops, Kitchen Trends

1. Indoor-Outdoor Surfaces

There have been many innovations over the years in engineered surfaces that allow them to stand up to wet indoor environments, such as bathrooms, as well as the harsh conditions found outdoors.

Dekton’s new Pietra Kode collection of ultracompact material is a collaboration that mimics the look of classic Italian stones and can be used indoors or out. The new Nebbia style is shown here as countertops and surface cladding.

Dekton is also great in moisture-heavy bathrooms. Here, the new Marmorio style, which mimics the striped look of Navona travertine, is used for flooring, wall covering and tub deck cladding.

Caesarstone announced it’s expanding from a quartz company into a multimaterials company with a new line of porcelain slabs and natural stone.

Caesarstone already has a line of outdoor quartz products, but its new porcelain collection is also durable enough to be used outside.

2. Dramatic Stone and Stone-Look Countertops and Other Surfaces

All-white countertops and light marble and marble-look countertops and other surfaces remain popular. But styles featuring bold, dramatic sweeps of veining seem to be proliferating.

Quartzite has become a popular go-to natural stone in recent years. Caesarstone recently added several new quartzites to its portfolio, including Super White, shown here, which features dramatic veining that recalls roiling storm clouds.

Similarly, Cambria’s new Brittanicca Gold Cool features broad strokes of golds and tans that bring to mind windblown sand dunes.

Caesarstone’s new porcelain collection features several styles with dramatic veining. Here, the appropriately named Striata style energizes a kitchen with bold striations.

3. Colored Veining

Grays, tans, and golds are common shades of veining in many marble-look surfaces. But some manufacturers are branching out.

Compac debuted its Ice of Genesis collection, which includes the Ice Max Green shown here, with a topography of green rivers and tributaries that nods to Arctic glaciers and frozen lakes.

4. Rough and Raised Textures

Smooth finishes, either polished or matte, seem to dominate countertops and other surface materials, but rougher finishes with raised textures and markings are on the rise.

Caesarstone offers an Ultra Rough finish on several new porcelain styles, including White Ciment, shown here, which features raised mottling similar to raw concrete.

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