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Upgrade Your Kitchen Countertops

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Upgrade Your Kitchen Countertops

by JSW Blogger |July 13, 2023 | Countertops, Kitchen Trends

Countertop Upgrades Add Value To Your Home

Do you want to increase your home’s value? Then upgrading your countertops is the easiest way to go about it. After all, kitchens are the main selling points for houses.

A spacious kitchen will win anybody’s heart. Second to space is cabinetry and countertop design.

If you are going to upgrade your cabinets, then you might as well consider the countertop. Most of the time, cabinet upgrades are more expensive.

A new countertop will compliment your kitchen space. In addition to that, it’s also an investment that will last well into the future.

If Your Kitchen Feels Boring

Even the most beautiful kitchen will feel old after a couple of years.

As mentioned earlier, cabinet upgrades are more expensive than kitchen countertop upgrades. Nevertheless, one can argue that countertops have more impact on the kitchen’s overall beauty.

Most of the time, a well-placed countertop is the focal point of any kitchen. A change in stone will liven your kitchen and give it a new glow.

Nonetheless, be careful when upgrading your kitchen countertop. The wrong choice of stone color and type can easily mess up your kitchen’s design.

It’s one of the reasons why quartz and granite are the best stones for kitchen countertops. Quartz comes in so many varieties and colors—It can emulate any natural stone without sacrificing quality. On the other hand, granite is a beautiful and insanely durable natural stone.

Check this website out for more on quartz countertops.

If Your Countertops Are Damaged

Nothing lasts forever.

Is your countertop chipped, scratched, or massively stained? Then it’s time for a countertop upgrade.

Sure, you can always try and repair your countertop. However, that’s an unpopular route (especially if the damage or stain is extensive).

We know countertop upgrades are heavy investments. Nevertheless, they are futureproofing. 

While you are at it, why don’t you try quartz countertops?

In addition to that, quartz is almost non-porous (Its water absorption rate is similar to that of porcelain tile). You’ll never have to worry about germs or bacterial infestation—With quartz countertops, you don’t need sealants.

For Easier Maintenance

Maintenance is a big deal, especially for kitchen and bathroom countertops.

There are so many countertop materials you can try out. Few examples include concrete, marble, granite, porelain, quartz, and even wood, among many others.

I think we all agree that from the list above, wood is the hardest to maintain.

For peace of mind, you need countertops that are easy to maintain. Countertop anxiety is the last thing you’d want.

From the list, engineered stone aka, quartz, is the easiest to maintain. It doesn’t even require a sealant. Just make sure you wipe off all the stains with a soapy piece of cloth.

To Add New Features To Your Kitchen And Bathroom

Do you want to add a new kitchen sink?

Are you thinking of having a double sink in your master bathroom?

All these new features and fixtures demand countertop upgrades. In such cases, you’ll need water-resistant countertops.

Also, there are still many other features to add to your kitchen. Those features will require you to bring in new countertop materials with specific properties.

For A Better Cooking Experience

Some of the countertop materials available in the market are no fun at all. For example, some (like travertine) are vulnerable to water.

Others are vulnerable to heat. Therefore, you have to be very careful with hot utensils. It’s difficult working with such countertop surfaces, and you’ll always have to walk on eggshells to avoid damage.

Nevertheless, thanks to technological advancements, we now have durable countertop materials. Upgrade your countertop today for a better cooking experience.

Things To Consider When Upgrading Your Countertops

Are you convinced that it’s now time to upgrade your kitchen and bathroom countertops? Continue reading to discover the most important factors to consider when upgrading your countertops.


Price is perhaps the most crucial factor to consider when upgrading your countertops. However, I’m not advising you to go for the cheapest countertop design you can find in the market. Always stick to your budget.

Sure, I know they are among the most expensive countertop materials. Nevertheless, you’ll get the best value for money.


Looks are second to price. It’s better to have a decent-looking but durable countertop than a luxurious-looking but fragile countertop.

Nevertheless, be careful when choosing the best countertop design and colour for your kitchen or bathroom.

The countertop should complement the room. I advise you to see and touch the countertop in person before you fill in your payment details—It’s one of the many reasons I’ll always vouch for sellers who send samples.

Each countertop material has its appeal.

For example, marble has a stunning appearance complemented by its smooth texture. Granite is handsome with a hint of toughness and roughness. On the other hand, quartz is unpredictable because of the many patterns and designs.


Get a kitchen or bathroom countertop that will carry you for years. After all, it’s not every day you redesign your kitchen or bathroom. Get countertops that will give you peace of mind.

Once again, granite and quartz are at the top of the food chain because of their stain-resistance. To maintain these countertops, all you’ll need is a piece of soapy cloth.

In addition to that, they are also the cleanest (Especially quartz). Quartz has a very low affinity for water, bacteria, and stains.

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