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What Countertops Are in Style in 2022? 

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What Countertops Are in Style in 2022? 

by sonynew |June 30, 2022 | Uncategorized

Kitchen trends are always changing. While some homeowners may opt to stick to a certain style throughout their lifetime, it can be fun to spice things up and give the kitchen a new look.

For homeowners who want to upgrade their kitchens, one of the most common questions that they ask is: what countertops are in style? Today, we will explore countertops that are in style in 2022 and help homeowners spruce up their kitchens to create a fresh, contemporary space in their home.

What countertops are in style?: 10 ideas for 2022 

Longer kitchen islands 

Kitchen islands are a vital aspect of the kitchen design. Move over short kitchen islands; enter longer kitchen islands. Homeowners are now opting for longer kitchen islands in 2022, given the ability to cook, entertain and work.

The creation of extra storage space also contributes to this trend. Most homeowners have even added closed-door cabinets below their island countertops that are perfect for storing their cooking equipment and kitchen tools.

Dark toned countertops 

First-time homeowners always wonder what kitchen countertops are in style, especially when trying to achieve a balance between countertop trends, personal preference and functionality.

Gone are the days when dark-toned countertops were barely used. Now, homeowners are starting to incorporate dark countertop colors into their kitchen designs, and even pairing these counter surfaces with other dark and bold elements in their spaces.

For instance, the black-countertop-black-cabinet trend is a great combination that adds depth and character into any kitchen space. While some may be skeptical about this pairing, this black-on-black theme is never boring. Luckily, there are a wide variety of black hues from which to choose from, including veined, speckled, solid, and industrial countertops. One popular option is 5101 Empira Black, a deep, dark stone with subtle white veins that dance across the surface of the quartz slab.

Quartz backsplashes 

The majority of today’s kitchens are now featuring countertops that extend into the backsplash, creating a unique and opulent look. This trend makes a statement in any space in the home. Picture a kitchen with a matching countertop and backsplash of beautiful quartz colors, like 5161 Icellion or 5212 Taj Royale.

Matching countertops and cabinetry 

In 2022, homeowners are becoming more creative in their kitchen spaces by matching countertops with their cabinets. For instance, an all-white kitchen with a countertop like 5141 Frosty Carrina exudes a classy and modern vibe and can pair well with a wide spectrum of cabinets, whether hues of bold, bright or neutral colors.

Mixing countertop patterns 

To create a layered intrigue, homeowners can mix their countertop patterns. For instance, a homeowner who is looking to upgrade their kitchen can add some veined countertops as a kitchen island, with the rest of the adjacent countertops being a crisp white such as 2141 Blizzard. This color combination produces a subtle contrast that can pair well with most kitchen styles.

Honed countertop finishes 

Honed countertop finishes are quickly growing in popularity in 2022. This, however, does not mean that a natural or polished finish is no longer stylish, only that these other finishes are growing in popularity as well.

Depending on personal style and the desired aesthetic in their homes, homeowners can try out Caesarstone’s range of honed quartz countertops such as 4030 Pebble. A honed finish not only adds to the sophistication in the space but also creates a modern appeal.

The use of countertops with character 

Homeowners who want to experiment more with colors, styles and patterns can try Caesarstone’s new, sustainably crafted Pebbles Collection. Inspired by nature, these new countertop colors can bring a calm feel to any kitchen space.

The wide variety of quartz patterns available also makes it easy for homeowners to pair their countertops with other kitchen elements such as their cabinetry, walls, backsplashes and flooring.

Outdoor kitchen countertops 

Outdoor kitchens are the perfect medium to cook, entertain, work or even enjoy some solo time. However, for best results, only outdoor countertops should be used to build an outdoor kitchen, such as Caesarstone’s Outdoor Collection of quartz countertops.

Homeowners can choose from striking colors like 515 Palm Shade and 406 Clearskies.

The use of bold neutrals  

The versatility of bold neutral colors, such as 1006 Agger Grey, pairs well in most kitchen spaces, more so for homeowners who want to add a pop of color to their kitchen. This playful color draws the eye and makes the countertop the centerpiece of the space.

Gray countertops 

For homeowners wondering what type of countertops are in style for minimalist kitchens, gray quartz is a great option. Its laid-back tone means that it can go well with a wide spectrum of décor pieces while also serving as a balance between other contrasting features in the space. Homeowners who want to incorporate gray countertops into their 2022 kitchen design can opt for colors like Caesarstone’s new 1004 Stoneburst.

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