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When is it time to upgrade my Kitchen Countertops?

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When is it time to upgrade my Kitchen Countertops?

by JSW Blogger |March 23, 2023 | Countertops, Kitchen Trends

Kitchen countertops are perhaps the most important surface in the home. Not only must they must be functional and sanitary to prepare meals, we also want them looking fantastic. When is it time to replace them? Here are a few clues to look for.

It’s out of style. 

If you’ve been in your home more than five years, chances are your kitchen counter is a fad from another era. And unless it’s made of stone or marble, it’s likely worn or lost its luster. If you look around and say “meh,” your family and guests are likely doing the same.

The tiles or stone is cracked. If you have a tile or stone countertop, cracks happen. Over time, not only are they unsightly, but bacteria can grow and thrive in there (ewww). If there are more than four chipped tiles or the stone is majorly cracked in a food prep area, it’s time to think about change.

There are ugly stains or burns on your countertops. 

If you weren’t careful with your counters, setting a hot pan or not wiping up liquids right away, your surface may be permanently damaged. How many blemishes do you see when you walk through the door?

It’s cluttered and difficult to work on. If you find yourself constantly moving things out of the way to make space to cook, that’s a sure sign you need a change of pace (or at least a change of space). A new countertop design that more efficiently utilizes the area may be in order.

You are selling your home and not getting any offers. The kitchen is often a main selling point of home and if no one’s impressed with yours it may dampen sales prospects. An investment in new counters can be easily recouped in the final selling price. After all, you want prospective buyers to walk in and say “wow.”

Do any of the above apply to you? The simplest, fastest, and most affordable solution is to call Artelye Marble & Granite. We have over 20 years experience with homeowners and commercial projects, designing, fabricating, and installing a wide variety of countertops in all different spaces. We have over 2,000 different stones to choose from, both classic and exotic, to match your tastes.

Our trained professionals use 3D equipment to measure everything exactly. Then, each counter piece is fabricated or cut to perfection. Finally, it is installed by a skilled craftsmen and backed by our total satisfaction guarantee.

Don’t spend another day with worn, cracked, stained, or just plain boring counter space. Contact an Artelye representative today for a free estimate!

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